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One area where it is easy to control our exposure to toxins is personal care products. The dangerous chemicals that are allowed in our toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, skin care, and deodorant are mind-blowing to me. And making your own products is so easy and inexpensive - and you end up with results that are just as good, if not better, than the expensive things on the shelves at the store!

How I started making my own products was by doing what you are probably doing right now - searching the internet, comparing recipes, and experimenting until I found what worked for me. The recipes I'm including here are the results of my experimentation, so you will see many similarities with what is already out there on the web. But you will find some differences, too - and you will make some changes in the products you make for yourself!

Just for starters - I am over 60 and never did much skin care until recently, so my complexion is "needy". Also, I have graying, curly hair - which has its own special needs.

Also, I'm cheap - excuse me, I mean "frugal". There are some ingredients I recommend that look expensive, but they are worth every penny and then some, so don't automatically write them off because of dollar signs. In the long run, using quality ingredients when making your own personal care products will save you a bundle!