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I know it's been a long time since I've written anything. I've been dealing with some health and energy issues, which I will write about at another time (hint: ENOUGH HIGH-QUALITY SLEEP IS IMPORTANT!).

But, it's my allergy season, and I tried a blend in my diffuser this morning that smells SO good, I just had to share it: 2 drops of Ledum and 2 drops of Laurus Nobilis.

Laurus Nobilis, commonly known as Bay Laurel, is very high in 1,8 cineol, which is helpful for the respiratory system and has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. An article in PubMed.gov said it showed effectiveness against older SARS viruses, so I've been using it off and on as sort of "garlic against vampires" to ward off COVID-19. (Again, to my knowledge this has NOT been researched, and I have NO idea if it is effective or not. I also wear a mask in public, wash my hands, and practice social distancing.) Anyway, it seemed to help a little with my congestion from allergies, so I put that in.

Ledum (aka Labrador Tea, Ledum groenlandicum) is high in monoterpenes, especially l-limonene. Monoterpenes are also antiseptic and antiviral. Ledum has been used for allergies and respiratory conditions.

Both oils are said to support the immune system.

But the scent in my diffuser is wonderful! I think I would diffuse it just for that! I will say - it's a strong scent with 2 drops each, so don't use more unless you have a VERY large room to diffuse.

Blessings, and Be Well~