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You'd think I would have noticed before now. I mean, I'm no spring chicken. The signs were all there:

  • Stress when in a group of more than two or three people
  • Total exhaustion when I return home from shopping in town
  • Parties and family gatherings faced with dread instead of joy
  • In meetings and classes I'd rather sit in a quiet corner and observe, instead of participate in even happy, lively conversations

I could go on and on. But it didn't actually register until I was telling my husband about feeling completely drained from being in a room full of people (church - with people I actually like!). He laughed and called me his "little introvert". A light dinged (hey - it's all vibration - light can ding!). Of course! That explains it!

Part of self-care is knowing what type of care your self needs, and choosing to honor that. I go to the smaller church service when I can. I avoid - and no longer feel guilty about missing - the larger, "special" services. I say "thank you, no" to party invitations, and suggest getting together with the hosts separately another time to visit.

But there are some things I simply can't avoid. I need to shop where I can get the fresh foods we choose to eat. I want to worship with music, and use the gift that God gave me with others for their worship. I want to experience my grandchildren's birthdays and holidays when I can.

So what is the solution? Essential oils to the rescue!

I find that Gary Young's Great Day Protocol is a good way to start. All of the oils used are proprietary Young Living essential oil blends. It takes Valor™ (sigh - I hope someday we get true Valor™ back. The "new" Valor™ is pretty good, though. Valor II™ or frankincense is okay here, too.), Harmony™, Joy™, and White Angelica™. You can find the oils contained in all the blends listed here. Please check the ingredients if you have any sensitivities or medical conditions. The full protocol can be found here: https://www.youngliving.com/blog/achieve-more-with-gary-youngs-great-day-essential-oils-protocol/ , but basically it's a drop of Valor™ on your wrists, Harmony™ on the solar plexus, Joy™ on your heart (and I like to put some on the sacral chakra area, too), and White Angelica™ on the shoulders and brushed through your body's field, all done with intention. This grounds and helps focus my energies, and protects from negative energies. It's like putting on my own little energetic body armor.

When I need a "touch-up" or am running a little late, White Angelica™ is my go-to.

I also have made a personal perfume of rose, ylang-ylang, myrrh, and cassia, with plenty of diluting oil. Cassia is like cinnamon's rowdier cousin. Where cinnamon politely asks if you would like a cup of tea, cassia hands you a beer and turns the music up. It's not for everyone, and use caution as it is a pretty "hot" oil. For me, this blend acknowledges and honors all the parts of me and helps to keep me "in myself". You will need to discover your own personal blend, one that fits and honors all the parts of you.

What about the days that go too long, or if I was too scattered in the morning to protect my field? First aid, so to speak.

Several things can help. I find a drop of frankincense on my brainstem (back of the neck, just under the scull bone) reduces anxiety immensely. Sometimes I need to reapply it a couple of times before things settle down. Joy™ or Forgiveness™ on the heart helps, too.

You can also diffuse one of these oils: White Angelica™, Sacred Mountain™, Northern Lights Black Spruce or Idaho Blue Spruce, Orange or Citrus Fresh™, Acceptance™.

I keep a spray bottle with pure water that has just a few drops of White Angelica™ and Sacred Mountain™ in equal amounts in my home office. For a quick resetting of energies, I can shake that and spritz the air.

Actually, there are dozens of oils that can help. These are my go-to oils right now, but flip through your desk reference for other possibilities. Open your bottles and smell one oil at a time and see how it makes you feel, and get a few to try the next time you are "under assault". When you find one that is effective for you, study its composition in your desk reference, then look for other similar oils to try. Take notes.

We introverts may not be the life of the party or the leader everyone wants to be around. That's okay - we can support those people and be the glue that holds things together behind the scenes. We can all achieve more if we discover and make use of our strengths.

Blessings, and Be Well~