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I'm very excited to tell you about a free class being offered online by the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy! This is the school where I took my Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry classes, and also the certification courses for aromatherapy.

This is from the email I received about the class. It explains a little of the history of ISHA and provides links to more info and registration for the class:

ISHA was born in the early nineties when Linda Lee Smith was introduced to Healing Touch energy healing. She became an administrator, and during her work in the program, she had people coming to her with questions all the time about how Healing Touch fit into their faith and Christian beliefs.

With the support of Healing Touch's founder, Janet Mentgen, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry was founded to help bring healing and energy work to churches.

In 2004 after much demand from students who wanted to learn more about aromatherapy, a new division was founded: The Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy (ISHA.) Learn more about ISHA and our staff here.

ISHA's vision is to restore energy healing through Healing Touch and aromatherapy to Christianity and the people who need it-- no matter what race, sex, creed, religious beliefs, illness, social or cultural situation, or sexual orientation those people may be. View our full code of ethics here.

We've helped a lot of people from all walks of life experience healing, freedom, and health over the years, both in-person and through our online classes. And on June 20th at 5:00 pm ET I'm excited to announce that we are releasing a brand new on-demand training to help you discover just how powerful essential oils can be for your life:

The Powerful Healing of Essential Oils: Knowing What Your Nose Knows

This on-demand class, taught by our very own Deb Reis, is our free gift to you. Click here to register for this special class on aromatherapy.

Whether it's mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual we are here to help you find healing and well-being through Healing Touch and aromatherapy.

Unlike classes taught by essential oil companies or distributors, this class isn't designed to sell oils. It will be taught by someone who is very well qualified to teach safe, scientific usage of essential oils.

And it's free! What better way to get a good introduction?

Blessings, and Be Well~