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The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.
H.P. Lovecraft

"Wash your hands!"
Everyone in the World, 2020

I realize it’s been much too long since I’ve posted an update. And I will give some personal news, but first I want to talk about the same things everyone else has been talking about, and that we’re all tired of hearing about, the COVID-19 pandemic.

First of all, just wash your hands, people. With soap. There have been posts going around saying you can make your own hand sanitizer with aloe vera gel and specific essential oils. No, you can’t - well, I guess you can but nobody knows if it’s effective or not, so don’t bet your health and the health of others on that.

There hasn’t been time for any real research to be done on essential oils and this particular virus, so NO ONE KNOWS WHAT OILS ARE EFFECTIVE AGAINST IT. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any, we just don’t know which ones they are yet. Not every oil is effective against every virus or every bacteria. A book that has some information on that is Aromatherapy for Health Professionals, by Shirley and Len Price. You can also check PubMed.gov for more recent research.

I saw an article that called the new virus SARS-CoV-19, and so I searched PubMed for articles on essential oils and SARS. I found this one. Of the two oils that were most effective, I have Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis), so I’ve been using that. I HAVE NO IDEA IF IT'S EFFECTIVE AGAINST THIS VERSION OR NOT!! So don't go saying it will kill COVID-19. And I'm washing my hands, and staying a good distance from others, and all the other things recommended.

It’s not going to hurt to diffuse antimicrobial oils and blends. Use what tools you have!

If you’re like me, you’ve been getting emails from every business you’ve ever had contact with, plus their brothers, sisters, and nephews, about the pandemic and what they’re doing to protect against it. I’m at the point where I’m about ready to set up a filter to put every one of them in the trash, but I guess it’s good that everyone is taking this seriously.

Just relax, use common sense, and, again, go ahead and use what tools you have. Eat your vegetables, take your vitamins, wash your hands. Exercise. Meditate and/or pray. Diffuse oils.

Use this time productively. Study and read. Spend time with your family. Call distant friends and relatives. Sit outside and enjoy the trees and birds. Find positive things to focus on. Renew your faith in God. We’ll get through this.

So the reason I haven’t been posting much is that I still haven’t completely recovered from the sepsis from last August. I guess at my age it takes longer. I’ve pretty much taken a break from everything except working on things that will help my health - making healthful food, getting out into the sunshine (when it’s available!), and starting to exercise again. I’m being extremely careful, because I know my immune system isn’t back to normal. My energy is slowing coming back.

And I’ve been doing some more research, updating articles on the website when I learn new things. I’ll work on writing some new ones, too. Stay safe, stay well, be blessed!

Blessings, and Be Well~