Join in on a Research Project!

As most of you know, I’m in the Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Program with ISHA (Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy –  As part of the homework for my next class, I’m doing a research project.

I’m wanting to see if this technique is effective, how effective it is, and under what circumstances it works or doesn’t work.

Long Fingers

This is something that just came to me as I was developing a headache (it’s allergy season – sinus headaches used to be 24-7 and severe – much better now, but I still get them occasionally).  It’s probably been done before, but I haven’t been taught it that I can remember, and even if I have, it’s still something good to research and disseminate.

Please give it a try, and let me know if you have any questions – and by all means let me know what results you get!  As much detail as possible, please – I have some specific things I’m looking at in the document.


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On Healing and Medicine

I recently had a discussion with someone who sells health insurance for a living. It was not a pleasant discussion, as he is totally convinced that only western medicine could possibly be effective. In fact, he insisted that someday I would develop diabetes and cancer and go to a hospital, because “that is where real medicine happens!”

Amazing. Because he really believes that! He really believes that everyone develops some chronic disease and that those diseases require western medicine to control and treat them. And he really believes that western medicine is the only medicine that works. It’s very sad.

Of course, having been involved in natural healing for many years, I have experienced its effectiveness on multiple occasions. I, personally, would no more go to a western hospital for cancer than I would drink bleach to get rid of a sore throat! (At this point I think I need to emphasize that you should always consult your health care provider for any serious illness or condition. My personal preferences are in no way to be considered medical advice or recommendations!) But we need to make sure we are not treating natural medicine the way most people treat western medicine.

In western medicine, people eat lifeless, boxed food. They drink diet sodas or vast quantities of high fructose corn syrup. They don’t get out in the fresh air and sunshine, or exercise; instead, they sit in cubicles breathing various carcinogens all day, then go home and sit in front of the TV with its electromagnetic frequencies bombarding their cells’ precious protons. Then, WHEN they get sick, they go to the doctor and get pills that alleviate the symptoms for a while. Then they go back and get more pills that counteract the symptoms of the pills they got before. But they don’t change the things they are doing that are making them sick. This continues until they finally die.

Natural medicine doesn’t work that way. Natural healing methods don’t aim for symptoms, for the most part, although they frequently can alleviate them. Most natural healing modalities go after the root of the problem. That’s why sometimes you don’t experience immediate relief from your symptoms – or sometimes, you even feel worse for a while! You are healing from the inside out!

BUT! If the root of the problem is that you are eating carcinogens on a daily basis, and you don’t STOP eating carcinogens on a daily basis, the healing materials and energy are fighting a losing battle.

Imagine you are in a boat, and the boat starts filling up with water. You can bail all you want, but until you plug the hole, you’re not going to get anywhere.

So using natural healing methods means you need to look at the WHOLE picture. You can’t just say, “Oh, I have a headache, I’ll use some PanAway™ and be done with it.” Sure, use some PanAway™! But why do you have a headache? Have you been eating properly? Sleeping enough? Are you exposed to allergens, or too much stress, or not enough humidity?

Natural medicine is not a band-aid. It is so much more! But it WORKS WITH your body, it doesn’t just cover up the warning signs the way many common pharmaceuticals do.

If you are experiencing illness or pain, or even just a “not-right-ness”, that means there is an imbalance in your body’s systems. You need to find and correct that imbalance. Then you will experience true healing and restoration. That doesn’t mean you will necessarily go back to a perfect body – if you have had an accident or have had a chronic illness for a long time before getting it under control, you may have a new balance point.

And always, remember that healing is God’s business. He gave us tools to use, but it’s always between you and God to have His perfect plan for you come about. As a favorite pastor friend likes to say, God always heals, and sometimes He cures.

But we still have a lot of control over what we have to deal with in regards to our health and well-being. Use the control you have! And ALL medicine will work better for you, western and natural!


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Homemade Lip Balm

Got my lip balm made today!lip_balm

Something we don’t think too much about is that most lip balm, even the “natural” brands, have preservatives in them. I discovered this because I bought some made by a local beekeeper and it went rancid after a few months while my national brand was still the same after years! So I found some recipes online and made my own.

It’s not too hard – beeswax is available in many health food stores, and I found a 1-pound block for $6.00 at a farmers’ market nearby. That makes a LOT of lip balm, like a life-time supply!

I like to store mine in the refrigerator until I need it. It will last long enough at room temperature to use up, but for storage it helps to keep it cold.

Get a dedicated grater to grate the beeswax – it’s a mess to clean up. To melt the grated beeswax I used this small enamel pot in a slightly larger pot of boiling water – drop a canning jar ring in the outer pot to hold up the inner pot and keep from getting water into the wax. You can remove the water after the wax hardens if that happens, but you’ll need to wait a while. Water in the mixture can cause it to mold.

I’ve found a spoon is better for pouring the melted mixture into tubes – a funnel just gets clogged up as the mixture cools. A chopstick works great for stirring. Cleanup is made easier by heating and removing excess into your spare tin, then freezing and getting the remainder off that way. Orange oil will help with the residue.

As tempting as it is, I don’t recommend citrus oils except grapefruit for the lip balm. Most citrus oils are phototoxic, meaning they can increase the likelihood of sunburn if you put them on your skin and go out in the sun.

Here’s the recipe I use, based on several I found online but modified the way I like it:

Lip Balm

1 tbsp shaved beeswax (packed)
1 tbsp coconut oil (scant)
1 tbsp with a few drops of vitamin E oil, then filled with avocado oil
1 drop each Young Living Peppermint oil and Lavender oil

Get your tubes or tins ready. This recipe will fill 5 or 6 tubes, plus a little left over.

Melt beeswax. Turn off heat then add coconut oil. When that’s melted, add vitamin E and avocado oils, then the essential oils.

Quickly pour into clean tubes or tins. If you use tubes, it helps to have one tin available for that last little bit that doesn’t want to cooperate. Let cool and harden several hours.

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