Surrounded by Sunrise

One of the benefits of living on top of a mountain is the sunrise.  It starts in the east, yes, but soon spreads and you can turn 360 degrees and see sunrise wherever you look.  Pink and mauve, magenta, marigold orange turning to deep gold turning to rose gold turning to that bright, new-gold yellow.  And the sky – cobalt to royal to the deepest blue.

There were crows, of course, and the winter songbirds.  A dog barking down the hill.  Farther away I could hear the light traffic, one car at a time, on the highway a few miles away.  And the silly rooster crowing – he wouldn’t come out if I opened the coop now, but he’s awake and letting the world know it.

Yes, it was 15 degrees Fahrenheit next to the house, so probably a degree or two lower on the south porch.  Yes, I was wearing my before-I-get-dressed sweats and house slippers.  But I had to go outside and listen to the sunrise.  I carefully walked between the edge of the deck and the piles of snow that still haven’t melted so that I could see everything, hear everything, absorb the sunrise with my whole body.  360 degrees of sunrise colors and sounds and smells.

Another time I’ll talk about frequencies and vibrations, the stuff of life, and how your whole body listens all the time to everything that surrounds you.  But today I just want to bask in the sunrise.

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Self-Care: What NOT to do!

I had really hoped to have my first installment of the Self-Care series posted for you before now.  I’d really hoped to have a lot of things done before now this week.  But a number of OTHER things happened, including I caught a nasty cold.  I made three mistakes, so I thought I would share those with you, and what I should have done, and what I’m doing about it now.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Mistake number one was eating too many Christmas cookies.   I make really good cookies.  And who could pass up these two cute cookie jars, just BEGGING you to take a cookie?  But I should have.  I’m not one that believes that any and all sugar is the devil to be driven away by making a cross with your fingers (although that WOULD have made it hard to eat cookies…).  I think a healthy person can certainly tolerate a moderate amount of high-quality sugar, and these cookies were made with organic sugar, organic molasses, organic flour, organic coconut oil and palm oil and butter, organic spices, well the nuts weren’t organic but the raisins were and the oatmeal, and the eggs are from our own chickens.  But too many cookies was too much sugar, and it did depress my immune system to a point where it was weaker than I believed it to be.  What I should have done was just put the cookies into the freezer and take a few minutes and make healthier snacks.  Crackers and cheese with veggies, an almond or peanut butter sandwich, yogurt and fruit, even eggs and toast are not hard to put together and would have given me some nutrition and not much sugar.

Mistake number two was a little touchier, for me anyway.  My dear husband had been suffering from a cold for days (he’d eaten too many cookies, too).  I can usually stay well even when he’s sick if I can be careful.  But one time – ONE TIME – he coughed on my hot tea and water.  He didn’t notice, and I didn’t want to embarrass him so I drank them anyway.  What I should have done is just wait until he’d left the room, then dump them and get fresh beverages in clean dishes. (This could translate into washing your hands frequently, and being careful around others who are sick.)   Because I didn’t, within a couple of days we were BOTH sick, because…

Mistake number three was not managing my energy field.  WHY do I read Facebook?  Yeah, there are a few cool things there, and I am discovering more, but it’s almost as upsetting as the TV news shows, with all the things people are upset or angry about.  And people get MEAN there!  I had two pretty nasty comments directed at me for no good reason, and it upset me and instantly I felt my field shift.  What I should have done is stop right there and balance my field – ground, do a Chakra Self-Connection, pray, SOMETHING that would have put me back in balance.  But I let the negative shift carry me, and – voila! – the next day I was coming down with the cold and by evening I couldn’t deny it anymore.

What I’m doing now is helping a lot!  I was pretty miserable for a couple of days, but am feeling much better now.  This is NOT a recommendation for you – it’s simply what I did that helped me.  You should consult your own healthcare provider for any health-related issue.  I used aspirin for my fever and aches – hardly ever take anything like that, but I feel pretty safe with small amounts of aspirin, and it helped.  I drank hot water with a slice of lemon, some honey, and a couple of drops of cinnamon oil in it.  That eased my sore throat and gave me some vitamin C.  I also took extra vitamin C – I’ve been told not to take vitamin C at the same time as aspirin because the cancel each other out.  I have no idea if that’s true or not, but I don’t take them together.  I took Ningxia Red and multi-vitamins.  I took capsules with oregano oil in them, and put rosemary oil on the bottoms of my feet at bedtime.  I diffused Thieves oil or eucalyptus oil.  Fortunately, the day before I got sick I had made some homemade chicken noodle soup, so we had chicken soup for a couple of meals, which was about all either of us felt like eating, anyway.

I used the Diamond Technique, which is a healing technique I hope to share with you soon.  You can download an article with directions from Energy Magazine here if you don’t want to wait for more detailed instructions.

AND I slept.  I rested when awake.  And I slept for about 10 hours night before last and yesterday started feeling better as the day went on.  Today I’d say I’m about 80%.  Still a little stuffy, still coughing some, still a little tired feeling, but I don’t feel sick anymore.

They'll just have to be mad.

They’ll just have to be mad.

So what’s the take-away here?  Don’t neglect things!  DO your self-care routine, ALL of it, ALL of the time.  Eat well, sleep well, and do what keeps you balanced energetically – walk outside, meditate, pray.  I’ll be covering all of these areas in the near future here.  I actually have an article started, but it’s turning into a book – a rather boring book – so I need to work on it some more.

And stay away from the cookie jar.

Blessings to you all, and Be Well!

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2nd post today

I normally won’t do two posts in a day, but I wanted to share this with you.

This is a web “summit”.  Now most of the ones I’ve seen have been all about advertising – you get a taste of something and then are told to go buy it from the person doing that presentation.  Some good info, but mostly sales.

And I thought that was what this was, too, the first time I looked at it.  I was rushed and busy, it was available for a short time during which I had a million things to do, and I didn’t look at each offering carefully.  But I was wrong – there is some good stuff here, and you don’t get a big sales pitch at the end – at least on the presentations I’ve seen.

They’re actually not titled very well.  I would suggest starting each video to see if it’s something you’re interested in.  But there are lessons on self-development things, on how the essential oils work, and on various wellness subjects.  And there are a few on Young Living specific things – how to present the oils in a manner compliant with FDA regulations, the compensation plan, and – yes – sales.  And you can’t usually tell from the titles what’s what.

Click here  to register.  I haven’t seen everything yet.  They’re available online until December 28, but you can purchase all the presentations, and I’m planning to do that.  I want to share this with the people I work with directly.

I have gotten value from this, and I hope you do, too.

Be well!

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